Hurdy Gurdy Crafters build their hurdy gurdies in the Great Lakes region. Owners Mel and Ann Dorries offer customers several different models and options as well as builder's kits and supplies.

Although Mel had built guitars for years, the Hurdy Gurdy Crafters workshop specializes in hurdy gurdies alone. Mel and Ann also present instructional workshops at several regional music gatherings each year.

Note: Ann Dorries posts regular updates and anecdotes on their company blog.

Contact information[1]

Hurdy Gurdy Crafters
4043 Snook Road
Metamora MI 48455 USA
telephone: (810) 797-5407
email: via their website's contact page
Hurdy Gurdy Crafters Renaissans Gurd

Hurdy Gurdy Crafters Renaissans Gurd


  1. Contact information collected from the company website. Checked and verified on 31 January 2014.